Our KKDIK/REACH program assists you in preparing your chemical products for sale in the EU and Turkey.

REACH, "Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals," or KKDIK Regulation as it is known in Turkish, is a reform aimed at improving the management of chemical substances regulated by the EU. KKDIK Regulation was first published in the Official Gazette with the number 30105 on June 23, 2017.

The KKDIK/Turkish REACH Regulation aims to protect human health and the environment at the highest level and regulates the administrative, technical procedures and principles regarding the "REGISTRATION", "EVALUATION", "PERMISSION" and "RESTRICTION" of chemicals.

Companies are obliged to fulfill the requirements of the KKDIK regulation through their Turkish branches or appointed Only Representatives in order to supply chemicals with an annual production capacity of more than 1 ton or those are imported into the Turkish market. Companies that export chemicals to the EU with an annual production capacity of more than 1 ton are also required to comply with the REACH law.

Bureau Veritas specializes in national and international environmental and chemical regulations, providing competent services in the REACH / KKDIK regulation, and assisting customers in meeting the requirements of the Turkish and European markets.

Bureau Veritas supplies the following services for the KKDIK and REACH regulations:


  • Determination of manufactured and imported substances

  • Tracking of Pre-SIEF and SIEF (MBDF) participant activities

  • Third Party Representation Service

  • Determination of excluded substances according to KKDIK Regulation

  • KKDIK Annex 17 Determination of substances subject to restrictions

  • Only Representation Service

  • Determination of exempted substances according to KKDIK Regulation

  • KKDIK Annex 14 Determination of substances subject to authorization

  • Substance Information Exchange Form (SIEF/MBDF) / Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF/MBDF) Management

  • Determination of substances within the scope of KKDIK Regulation and tonnage calculation

  • Preparation of Chemical Safety Report (KGR)

  • Classification and Labeling Notification Service

  • Pre-Registration of Substances

  • Preparation of Safety Data Sheet (SDS/GBF) / Preparation of Extended Safety Data Sheet (e-SDS/GGBF)

  • Consortium Management


  • Strategic consultancy regarding REACH
  • REACH mapping
  • Monitoring REACH regulation
  • REACH registrations
  • REACH exposure scenarios
  • Only Representative (OR)
  • Data generation
  • Preparation of dossiers in the IUCLID format
  • REACH safety data sheets
  • Correspondence with authorities (REACH letters)
  • Customized courses that fit your company